Sales Administrative Assistant

Job Description

As a Sales Administrative Assistant, you will be responsible for administrative duties and support for the in house Sales and Marketing team. This includes all basic administrative office items such as answering phones, filing, and taking inventory of promotional items. Distributing internal sales office and any/all interdepartmental communication. Ordering all office supplies and staying within budget. Promptly printing and distributing monthly, weekly, and daily packets, reports and checks to hotel departments. Handling requests for larger printing jobs and directional signs when needed. Assisting with meeting planning and preparations, such as creating agendas, scheduling and note-taking. Printing and distributing weekly banquet event orders for all upcoming on property events as well as preparing for weekly event order meeting, including keeping sales office BEO book accurate and up-to-date at all times. Assists any clients with business center needs. Maintains and updates Route 1 marquee as well as assists the sales team with generating contracts. Ensures communication between sales department and other hotel departments exceed expectations.

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