IACC Member

IACC Member

The Norwood Conference Center at the Four Points by Sheraton is a founding member of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC). Our Mission behind IACC, is to bring together the brightest industry minds to promote the best meeting venues, which deliver exceptional meeting experiences.

IACC Certified Venue

Having an IACC certification is a global badge of excellence that gives meeting planners the peace of mind that the venue they are selecting adheres to stringent service and quality criteria designed to ensure the success of every meeting.

The quality standards proposed by the IACC include: 

  • Rooms designed for the comfort of clients, including climate control and supportive seating. IACC venues are designed to offer uninterrupted sight lines from all corners of the room. They allow for a variety of comfortable seating styles so that you can ensure the optimum layout for your meeting.
  • Efficient workspaces with adequate lighting and table space. Rooms feature professionally balanced and integrated sound systems, as well as adjustable lighting to accommodate speakers or high-tech presentations.
  • Tools for multimedia presentations: microphones, electrical outlets, up-to-date audiovisual equipment, and wall space. 
  • A non-disruptive environment with low background noise and soundproof walls to maintain the privacy of our guests.
  • Safety and security at meetings should be paramount. As an IACC venue, we have secure lockable meeting and equipment storage rooms.

Food & Beverage Model

All IACC members venues provide dining options specifically for meetings. At the Norwood Conference Center we go beyond the requirements offering continuous refreshment service in our lounge areas, along with a gourmet lunch. Our two on site restaurants offer attendees a place to dine for Breakfast or Dinner as well.

Inclusive Package-the IACC way.

No-one likes being surprised by unexpected costs after a meeting concludes. Plus, we know what a headache putting together meeting budgets can be. At the Norwood Conference Center, we know that value for money is essential when planning and event. Our all-inclusive packages include your main meeting room, in house audiovisual equipment and unlimited food & beverage for your Full Day or Half Day Meeting package.

If you would like a detailed overview of the standards proposed by the IACC, the full document can be read here.