Large conference room with natural light

Large Meeting Room-Rectangular

The Norwood Conference Center has four large rectangular conference rooms with natural light. Their shape offers a unique meeting set up. With 1,458 square feet of space each meeting room has its own built-in state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Dual screens and projectors in the space provide for maximum viewing for attendees regardless of what set up you select. These spaces are ideal for meetings of 30 to 90 people, or have the option of being divided into two smaller rooms. The large windows allow in just the right amount of natural light to keep your attendees fresh and alert. 

Whether configured for theater seating (capacity of up to 90 people), classroom (capacity 54-68), conference (capacity 48-52) or U-shaped (capacity 30-32), our large rectangular conference rooms are ideal for trainings, seminars and planning sessions. Each conference room at the Norwood Conference Center features built-in state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, Poland Springs Water, climate control, adjustable lighting and soundproof walls. White boards with dry erase markers and a flip chart are included so you can keep track of the great ideas as they come! Individual key locks and 24-hour security make this perfect space for uninterrupted multi-day meetings.

Just outside our rectangular conference rooms are our community Lounge Areas. Here you’ll find our unlimited morning and afternoon coffee break as well as space to network, catch up on emails or watch the news.

Conference Room with Natural Light

Finding a Conference Room with natural light is important to many meeting planners. Natual light has been proven to boost productivity, creativity and boost moods. Our rectangular meeting rooms each features large windows with views of a lush area of woods and a stream. No wonder they are a highly requested room selection for conferences!

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