Director of Food and Beverage

Job Description

The Director of Food and Beverage has the complete oversight of the food and beverage operations in all business units of the hotel to include One Bistro restaurant, Zachariah’s restaurant, purchasing and receiving, conference dining, break service, banquets, and culinary operations. They need to maintain and develop the operating budget and standard operating procedures in all food and beverage areas. They are responsible for managing labor costs, food costs and monitoring revenues vs. costs to achieve maximum profitability. They need to ensure proper month end inventories are completed. In addition, influences the consistent quality of the physical environment, the restaurant branding and image, customer perceived value and satisfaction and delivering consistent guest experience. Lastly, will work closely with all departments for overall success of the hotel and conference center operations. The Director of Food & Beverage directly manages the Executive Chef, Banquet Manager, and Restaurant Manager. 

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