What Kind of Meeting Planner Are You?

Today’s definition of a meeting planner and event planner can encompass many different jobs and specialties. But, at their core, a meeting planner is the person who brings together every person involved in producing a meeting or event.  Some meeting planners focus on assisting corporations or associations, while others excel in planning more social events like weddings, birthday parties and mitzvahs. 

Meeting planner

 The duties of a meeting planner can be as diversified as the planners themselves.  Behind every meeting or event is an individual or team who is responsible for making it all happen.  Meeting planners create a plan, set the scene, manage the big day, and wrap everything up, while you are enjoying your sales presentation, operating your exhibit booth, or cutting your wedding cake! This article provides an overview of some of the meeting planners types.

Corporate Meeting Planner

Corporate meetings are a wonderful way to bring employees together to offer additional training, introduce a new product, discuss business strategies, and share pertinent information.  These gatherings can range from small one-on-one discussions to several hundred attendees.  A corporate meeting planner solely focuses on these types of conferences, lectures, larger events like conventions and tradeshows and any other events that are directly related to business and business communications.  Where association meetings tend to be more fun and informal, corporate events are usually held in a business type atmosphere.  Because of this, corporate meeting planners must use their expertise in flexible meeting spaces, shorter lead times and dealing with multiple stakeholders to help bring a client’s vision to life.  

Association Meeting Planner

An association is typically defined as a group of persons banded together for a specific purpose.  They are primarily focused on providing services and benefits to their members.  Association meetings can be different and more challenging, since these events are typically attended at will and are not mandatory, unlike a lot of corporate meetings.  An association meeting planner needs to help create a unique and marketable experience that will placate all stakeholders, most importantly being the attendees or association members.  Associations sometimes require longer lead times due to their registration process,can have a larger number of attendees and may also include outside vendors, adding in an additional layer of complexity  to the planner’s job. 

Social Event Planner

Comparable to association and corporate meeting planners, the social event planner works with the client to help determine the purpose and vision of the event.  Herein lies one of the major differences in planning social events like weddings or anniversaries, the emotional attachment of their stakeholders.  Unlike corporate or association events, social events tend to be once-in-a-lifetime for some clients, thus a lot of their energy and their money go into it.  A social events planner must have strict attention to detail to flawlessly execute an event; and, most importantly, they must connect with the individual client, learning their thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. Located in central Massachusetts and only miles from Boston, the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood employs a dedicated and talented team that are well-versed in an array of specialties from corporate meetings to lavish weddings, and everything in between!  Our sales team will work hard to find you the best accommodations for your event, choosing from our venue’s array of flexible and spacious event spaces. A dedicated Conference Coordinator is included in all our meeting packages, so that you can plan your meeting or event with confidence.  Book now by calling our sales team at 781-255-3159, email us at fourpointsnorwood@hobbsbrook.com or fill out an online inquiry on our website!