Five Things to Know about Banquet Event Order

Everything you Need to Know about your Hotel Banquet Event Order

A Banquet Event Order, generally referred to as a “BEO”, is the key to successfully executing your conference meeting or event.  The Banquet Event Order outlines the details of your event including all food and beverage service, meeting room setup, AV needs and more. This document serves as a guideline for the hotel to prepare for your meeting and communicate logistics to their internal departments.  

At the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood you’ll have a team of professionals to help guide you through the Banquet Event Order creation.  At the initial stage, you’ll work with your sales manager to book the date and time, the space required and lock in your package price. Next, our conference coordinator will contact you to confirm meeting details and finalize the Banquet Event Order.  Once finalized, the Conference Coordinator will send you the Banquet Event Order to review prior the meeting start date.

Here are the Five Components of the Banquet Event Order process that you should know before your next meeting: 

Banquet Event Order Process
  1. The meeting schedule/agenda: Having a down-to-the-minute detailed agenda in your Banquet Event Order  is important in executing a successful meeting.  If you are having breakout sessions in conjunction with your meeting, knowing what time they start and end is a key detail you’ll want to provide to our team! This timing detail allows us to make sure we have directional assistance available as your group moves from one space to another. Noting what time important presentations start, or a new speaker will be taking over provide keys for our staff to be on hand to assist any AV issues that may come up.
  2. Menus and Break Times: At the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood our all-inclusive package makes menu planning simple, as our items are Chef selected and prepared by our hotel Food & Beverage department.  These include plentiful AM/PM breaks and a spectacular luncheon. While our breaks are available throughout the day, it is always helpful to know when your group has any planned breaks.  For our conference lunch, we will need to know what time you’re planning to break for lunch with your group. And, of course, please let us know if anyone in your group has an allergy or dietary restriction, as we are happy to accommodate.  
  1. Room Setup: Determining room setup is an important step in the meeting planning process.  There are a range of different setups that can be used to help you meet your event goals and objectives. By understanding the scope of your meeting, the conference coordinator is happy to provide you with suggestions, if needed.  With more complicated setups, or if you want a visual to help you determine which set up will best suit your needs, our coordinators are happy to supply a customized diagram.
  1. Audio Visual Equipment:  Having visual presentations and a sound system that allows for clear, static-free amplification is important to the success of your event.  At the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood, our complete meeting packages include Standard Audio-Visual. This includes wireless internet, projector, screen, microphone, easel, (1) flipchart, and sound system.  

Although, all of this is included in our standard package; you’ll want to think about any specific needs you may have.  If you will be having a panel discussion, you’ll want to have a few microphones available on the table versus having just one on the podium.  If your keynote speaker likes to walk around while presenting, a lavalier will be the best choice. If additional Audio-Visual items are required that we cannot provide, please let us know and we will recommend an outsourced company for you to use. 

  1. Special Requests: Please let the conference coordinator know about any special requests prior to the meeting whenever possible.  These special requests will be noted on the Hotel Banquet Event Order.  

Knowing these five items prior to coming in for your detailed appointment will ensure that all of the important details get communicated to the team who will be executing your banquet event order.  To learn more about our complete packages, or to see our space in person, please email us at