Types of Hotels

Hotels, Motels, Inns, Oh My!  There are dozens upon dozens of different types of hotels located throughout the world. Each touting their own specialties in amenities, rooms, and service.  Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or a bit of both, knowing these specialties and ultimate differences can help in choosing the best experience for your stay.

Hotels can be categorized in a variety of ways: by size, location, services, star rating, and amenities. However,most commonly, hotels are categorized by the level of service (full or limited) and/or property type (full-service resort, limited-service hotel, etc.).  Below, we touch upon some of the most recognized categories providing you some insight that will hopefully help guide your next travel decision!

Types of Hotels: Chain Hotels

Chain Hotels are probably the most common category, and that’s because there are tens of thousands of different chain properties around the world!  Marriott itself has over 7500 properties worldwide, with 30 separate brands in their portfolio.  A brand name, like Marriott, usually has multiple types of properties under their umbrella to help accommodate many different types of travelers.  Business travelers have different needs than leisure travelers, who have different needs than weekend travelers.  With so many options today, you can find the right type of hotel for you!  

Types of Hotels: Budget and Value Hotels

While there can be downsides to staying at a budget hotel, there are also many benefits that have nothing to do with the bill.  Of course, budget and value hotels are the most affordable, as their name suggests, but they are also now available in most major cities. This means you can get more nights for your dollar.  As mentioned, some drawbacks to saving some money could be a lack of services, amenities, cleanliness and even customer service.  

Types of Hotels: Mid-Range Hotels and Business Hotels – Conference/Convention Center Hotels

Mid-Range is a term that is quite “middling”, as each individual property differs in their definition of mid-range.  But they are usually the most widespread, with both families and business travelers appreciating the cost, convenience, and consistency.  They are also usually a combination of guest rooms and meeting space, some of which are even designed to host large events and provide a wide variety of event options like, audio-visual, breakout and exhibit space, and conference dining.

Types of Hotels: Extended Stay Hotels  

This type of hotel is a relatively new concept in the hospitality industry but has quickly become an imperative addition in many hotel portfolios.  What makes these hotels different from others is the benefits, combined with the affordability, and the home-like atmosphere of the rooms.  They are furnished exclusively for this type of extended traveler with amenities like a small, fully equipped kitchenette, a separate dining area, and even a separate living area.  They may also offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates, making an extended stay less expensive.

Types of Hotels: Luxury and High-End Hotels

Luxury and high-end hotels can take your hotel experience to the next level.  Offering exceptional accommodations and service with an emphasis on design and award-winning dining, these lodgings can give you an experience that is richer than your needs.  However, with these experiences comes a higher price tag.  With some of these hotels offering top-rated dining, full-service spas, personal concierge and more, you may not even have to leave!  They can provide an overall experience with attention to detail that will make you feel as if you are the only guests in the hotel.

A Unique Hotel Type: Four Points by Sheraton Norwood 

The Four Points by Sheraton Norwood is a little mix of everything!  Under the Marriott Portfolio, we are considered a value-focused brand, delivering stylish (and recently renovated!) functional guest rooms.  We also offer roughly 40,000 square feet of event space, accommodating small business meetings to large weddings and other social events.  We also offer a touch of luxury with our award-winning, on-site restaurant, One Bistro, our delicious catering services, and our exceptional customer service.  You will always feel like our most important guest because you are!

Call us today for availability and pricing at Tel: 781-255-3159 or email us at fourpointsnorwood@hobbsbrook.com.