How OWL Pro System Supports Hybrid Meetings at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood in Massachusetts

 Hybrid Meetings

As remote work and hybrid meetings have become the norm and organizations are transitioning their way of holding meetings and events, the need for hybrid meetings has skyrocketed. Hybrid meetings remain a great way to ensure some semblance of collaboration and productivity, but they can be daunting for both the meeting planner and the attendees.  For a meeting planner, there can be a lot of unknowns if you are not technologically savvy. Also, a meeting planner is essentially designing two meetings!  As an attendee, whether in-person or remote, you should always feel like a valued participant.

So, what does it take to run a great hybrid meeting?  Technology is part of the glue that will hold your hybrid meeting together.  Participants should be fully engaged and see the faces of in-room attendees, shared presentations, documents, and any other content used during the meeting.  They need to feel like an integral part of the meeting rather than a distant observer.  But before all of this, the meeting planner must first make sure that venues can supply this service instead of having to utilize an expensive  outside vendor and that their equipment works!  According to a survey done by markletic, around 38% of planners say they run into technical problems when hosting virtual events.  The Owl Pro System, created by Owl Labs may be the answer to a successful meeting!    

The Meeting Owl Pro System has the tools to make everyone feel like they’re in the room and directly part of the meeting.  It boasts a 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker device that creates the most immersive experience for hybrid teams.  A single, custom-designed 360° panoramic fisheye camera eliminates image distortion, and the camera view can show an optional panoramic view of the room, as well as face-to-face view.  The AI-powered Wise Operating System intelligently focuses on whoever is speaking using vision, voice, and motion.  The system is also able to capture audio within an 18’ radius, so that everyone can be seen and heard.  The Owl Pro System’s easy-to-use mobile app offers options for presenter enhancement, digital whiteboarding capabilities and different camera controls to customize your meeting experience. At the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood, located in Norwood, Massachusetts, we provide state-of the-art video and audio technology, with most equipment included in our day package rates.  However, now, we are also proud to offer the Meeting Owl Pro System as another meeting essential for your hybrid meetings.  Available at a nominal fee, the Meeting Owl Pro System combined with our audio-video equipment can give you and all of your attendees the meeting experience required to be productive and collaborative.  With over 40,000 sq. ft of meeting space featuring our Executive Boardroom, 30 flexible conference rooms, and our award-winning Tiffany Ballroom combined with our state of the art meeting technology, we welcome the opportunity to host your next meeting.  Contact us or call now to speak with our Sales Team directly at 781-255-3159 or email us at and book the Meeting Owl Pro System today!